Corporate presentations and individual assessments through the work place

Corenutrition is available to do tailored corporate health programs that include:image007   Healthy food options for the work place,   Better employee diet and health,   Work life balance programs,   Healthy snack programs,   Beat the daily stress and drive productivity programs,   Healthy mind and body course and  

Increase your company productivity with a company healthy eating program

Calorie controlled menus  
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IMG_0408     Thank you cards from Johnstown school 4th class     Habits formed when young are proven to stay with you for life. That’s why having a healthy start to your early life can haveĀ  a big impact on your health not only for the here and now but the habits formed will stay with you and help you stay healthy through your entire life. I am available to give talks to schools to help inspire healthy lunch boxes and encourage healthy eating. I give an interactive talk and the class get to make up their own healthy lunch box and the end of the talk. Tailored discussions to address different aspects of nutrition, health and lifestyle are all covered and discussed in full before the presentation. I recently gave a talk to Johnstown Girls National School. We discussed nutrition, diet, digestion and the importance of healthy food. After the talk the class all made fruit skewers, chia pudding and a healthy sandwich. You can contact Simon Turley at 087 2317 225 to discuss your requirements.