I decide to work with Simon when my son became frequently unwell with infections and sudden allergic reactions to food that I couldn’t identify. My goal was to decrease the number of antibiotics he was taking and to treat the root cause of the problem, rather than just the symptoms. Most importantly i wanted to improve my sons quality of life , he lacked energy and had become miserable! After an initial consultation and a number of reviews, Simon truly helped me understand the impact and power of nutrition to heal the body. Through his systematic and supportive approach Simon helped me identify the problem areas and guided me through the steps to recovery. I am delighted to say that I now have my energetic and lively boy back, but also have a deeper understanding of food that will last long into the future.
Sarah. Dublin

In January I was feeling very run down with a persistent cough that I had for three months and it would not go away. After many visits to my Doctor I was still suffering with no sign of it receding. I contacted Simon through a friend who recommended that I go and see him. I filled out some forms and I went to see him. He did some test with my muscles and said I had a virus and that antibiotics wouldn’t work for it. After just two visits the cough had completely gone and I had my energy back again. I have not had to go back since but if I ever get anything else like that I will not waste my time and I will go straight back to see him. Thanks for your help.
Peter. Dublin

I suffered with sugar cravings and IBS since my teens. Simon helped me design a diet that suited my daily routine and helped me kick the sugar from my daily diet. My IBS has completely gone and I feel great . My diet now consists of wholesome foods and I have complete control over what I eat and don’t eat. I would recommend Simon to anyone who needs help with their diet and digestion”.
Katie. Dun Laoghaire

Over the last few years my weight had gone up by over 3 stone. I have a very stressful job and I felt I could not find time to exercise. Luckily I went to Simons clinic and he helped me with my diet, designed an exercise plan and also identified stress as a big reason why I was putting on the weight. He designed a “stress buster plan” as he calls it. He identified triggers that were making me binge eat and helped me reduce my stress. I followed his program for six months and I have lost the weight I put on and can now fit into all the clothes I thought I was going to have to give to the charity shop.  The program is great. Thanks
Jane. Swords