Magnesium Phosphate (Pot of 90 capsules)

Magnesium Phosphate



MAGNESIUM PHOSPHATE Magnesium Phosphate has about a quarter of the RDA of magnesium in each capsule, this is another general purpose magnesium supplement, with good bio availability. It also has the added benefit of about 18% of the RDA of phosphorus.


Magnesium is an essential nutrient with many functions in the human body:


  • It helps maintain energy and combat fatigue.
  • It helps build and maintain bones and teeth.
  • It contributes to the health of nerve, muscle and cell membranes.
  • It contributes to normal muscle function, including the heart.
  • It helps with protein manufacture.
  • It can help to keep some of the body’s other mineral and hormone systems in balance.Magnesium is readily available in a normal balanced diet. But for some people it may not be possible to source or absorb all the magnesium they need. Correcting a magnesium deficiency could reduce tiredness and fatigue, help to restore nerve and muscle function, and support the health of bones and teeth.¬†One dose provides 99.4mg active magnesium.Phosphorus is a crucial element in the human body, and is a constituent of many major biochemical compounds. It occurs as phospholipids and as nucleic acids. It is involved in a number of important functions, including:
  • Supporting membranes.
  • Carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism.
  • Maintaining bone health.
  • It is crucial to energy metabolism through its inclusion in adenosine triphosphate, the energy source for most of the body’s metabolic processes.High doses of magnesium can have a laxative effect. It is recommended to keep below 400mg per day unless prescribed by a practitioner.Serving Size 1 Capsule¬†Each Capsule Contains 710 mg of Magnesium Phosphate (of which Magnesium, 99.4mg).


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