My Story

I became interested in Kinesiology and Nutrition about seventeen years ago after my eldest son Robert was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2.5 years. He was showing signs of frustration, aggression, was a fussy eater, was with drawing from his friends, his speech was delayed and showed little interest in anything. He had become clumsy and he was suffering with constant diarrhoea and tummy upsets.

As Roberts dad I really wanted to ensure Robert could reach his potential and I started to look for answers outside of main stream medicine to help with his difficulties. I got interested in initially just trying to find something that could help with Roberts coordination and digestion. During my research I came across Kinesiology through The association of Kinesiology of Ireland. I signed up for an introductory course. I tried the simple techniques that they taught me on Robert and found it had a profound effect on him and not only helped his coordination and digestion but helped with his speech and general well being. I was hooked and loved that it could  help with a large range of health issues and that anyone could be helped. Two an a half years later I qualified in Kinesiology.

With Kinesiology I was able to find that Robert was intolerant to gluten, wheat and dairy. However I did recognise that I had a large gap in my knowledge as I needed to know more about how to handle this and how to ensure that his was getting the right balance of nutrition his diet as I was taking a lot of food choices out of his diet. I wanted to know more about how food works and the impact it can have on our daily lives.

I researched all the different Nutrition courses and after attending a talk with the Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health I came to realise that this course not only taught you about Nutrition but you also had a year of clinical tuition where you got to work with clients in a student clinic. Three and a half years of study I qualified with the college. The skills and knowledge that I have gained from the IINH have helped me design a tailored diet and lifestyle for Robert that have helped him to reach his goals and further his potential.

Robert is now twenty and attends a special needs unit by day. He is a loving and caring individual who is always calm and very easy to live with. He has a good balanced diet that excludes the foods he cant tolerate. He speech is good and his digestive process s working perfectly so I know he is not only eating the correct foods but absorbing them correct nutrients.

My journey with Robert will never end as there will always be more to do to help him reach a higher level however I know the the influence both Kinesiology and Nutrition have had have given Robert a real chance in life to fulfil his potential.

Combining my skills in Kinesiology and Nutritional therapy give me a unique perspective on the strains of modern life and I use this knowledge to build personal plans to help better peoples health enrich their lives and help individuals to get back control over the issues that have caused disruption within their lives.

I am passionate about what I do and the knowledge I have gained. I invite you to call me and let me discuss and share this with you and together we can build a plan for a better future for you.