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Combining Kinesiology and Nutrition

At Core Nutrition we provide individually tailored health and lifestyle plans as well as food and muscle testing to identify and prevent intolerances before they affect you

What Do We Offer?

Our Services:

1 on 1 consultations

We offer a range of services including personalised one-to-one consultations for an integrated approach using both  Kinesiology and Nutritional Therapy in a clinic and virtual environment. 

Zoom Consultations

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions all consultations are conducted via zoom. 


We also provide group talks to company employees and schools on Nutrition, health and lifestyle. Due to current Covid restrictions all talks are conducted over zoom until restrictions are lifted.




Gut & Psychology Syndrome

Certified Gut & Psychology Syndrome practitioner. Helping children and young adults with Autism, anxiety, depression, learning difficulties and food issues

What's Involved?

The consultation is a personalised individual one on one session using an integrated approach to Nutritional Therapy & Kinesiology. We identify your health history, your health goals and identify key health issues that allows the practitioner to build an agreed individual health plan with you that incorporates both diet, lifestyle and  individual goals. 


Nutritional Supplements

We also offer a wide range of nutritional supplements

At Core Nutrition we strive to source the highest quality food supplements and health products from the best suppliers. 

Things we have achieved


I uffered with sugar cravings and IBS since my teens. Simon helped me design a diet that suited my daily routine and helped me kick the sugar from my daily diet. My IBS has completely gone and I feel great . My diet now consists of wholesome foods and I have complete control over what I eat and don’t eat. I would recommend Simon to anyone who needs help with their diet and digestion

Katie  - Dun Laoghaire

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